//Application Information and Process Disclaimer

Application Information and Process Disclaimer

The following information is provided by www.oett.net
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Goals are established prior to the opening of the application period, regarding the number of applications accepted and is based on the demand of the industry, which may vary in each geographical district of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local12 Southern California. The application goals are also set by the work classification for which you applied based on the demand of the industry. Classifications are Equipment Operator (EQO), Heavy Duty Repair (HDR), Dredge Operator (DRG), Plant Equipment Operator (PEO), Rock Sand & Gravel (RSG), and Building Construction Inspector (INS).
Please refer to the website at www.oett.net for a complete description of the job classifications to assist you in accurately choosing the classification that you wish to apply for. Be careful in choosing the classification, as changing to another classification later may not be available.
Once goals are met, applications for that district and/or classification will no longer be accepted during this application period. However, you may apply for another work classification in that district, if available. Applicants must apply based on the district in which they will reside if accepted into the apprenticeship program. Those applying from outside of the 12 southern counties of IUOE local 12’s jurisdiction must apply in the appropriate district in which they intend to reside if accepted into the program.
Once applicants have successfully applied and passed the entrance examination and are placed on the applicants’ list, no classification changes will be permitted, barring exigent circumstances, until the applicant has been accepted into the program and completed their 1000 – hour probationary period. Any consideration for a change in classification will be at the sole discretion of the Director of Training.
After reading this News Blog, please follow up with reading the next News Blog: “Apprenticeship Program Opening: August 2022 Application Period.” All information regarding our program opening is contained in the blog. Please do not call/contact our office for more information on the opening or processes involved, for all information pertaining to the Apprenticeship program and Applicant process is available by visiting the Apprenticeship tab on our website or click HERE for re-direction to that page.
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