/’22 Dist. 1 Voting Recommendations
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2022 General Election Voting Recommendations District 1


Alex Padilla (D)

State Constitutional Offices

Governor Gavin Newsom (D)

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis (D)

Secretary of State Shirley Weber (D)

Attorney General Rob Bonta (D)

Controller– Malia Cohen (D)

Treasurer Fiona Ma (D)

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara (D)

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond

Member of State Board of Equalization (3rd District)

Antonio “Tony” Vasquez

United States Congress

Congressional District 23 Derek Marshall (D)

Congressional District 26 Julia Brownley (D)

Congressional District 27 Christy Smith (D)

Congressional District 28 Judy Chu(D)

Congressional District 29 Tony Cardenas (D)

Congressional District 30 Adam Schiff (D)

Congressional District 31 Grace Napolitano (D)

Congressional District 32 Brad Sherman (D)

Congressional District 34 Jimmy Gomez (D)

Congressional District 35 Norma Torres (D)

Congressional District 36 Ted Lieu (D)

Congressional District 37 Sydney Kamlager (D)

Congressional District 38 Linda Sanchez (D)

Congressional District 42 Robert Garcia (D)

Congressional District 43 Maxine Waters (D)

Congressional District 44 Nanette Barragan (D)

Congressional District 45 Jay Chen (D)

California State Senate

Senate District 20 Daniel Hertzberg (D)

Senate District 22 Susan Rubio (D)

Senate District 24 Ben Allen (D)

Senate District 26 Maria Elena Durazo (D)

Senate District 28 Lola Smallwood Cuevas (D)

Senate District 30 Bob Archuleta (D)

Senate District 32 No Endorsement

Senate District 34 Tom Umberg (D)

Senate District 36 Kim Carr (D)

California State Assembly

Assembly District 34 Tom Lackey (R)

Assembly District 39 Juan Carrillo (D)

Assembly District 40 Pilar Schiavo (D)

Assembly District 41 Chris Holden (D)

Assembly District 42 Jacqui Irwin (D)

Assembly District 43 Luz Rivas (D)

Assembly District 44 Laura Friedman (D)

Assembly District 46 Jesse Gabriel (D)

Assembly District 48 Blanca Rubio (D)

Assembly District 49 Mike Fong (D)

Assembly District 51 Rick Chavez-Zbur (D)

Assembly District 52 Wendy Carrillo (D)

Assembly District 53 Freddie Rodriguez (D)

Assembly District 54 Miguel Santiago (D)

Assembly District 55 Isaac Bryan (D)

Assembly District 56 Lisa Calderon (D)

Assembly District 57 Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D)

Assembly District 61 Tina McKinnor (D)

Assembly District 62 Anthony Rendon (D)

Assembly District 64 Blanca Pacheco (D)

Assembly District 65 Mike Gipson (D)

Assembly District 66 No Recommendation

Assembly District 67 Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)

Assembly District 69 Josh Lowenthal (D)

Los Angeles County Supervisor

District 3 Robert “Bob” Hertzberg

Los Angeles County Sheriff

No Recommendation

City of Los Angeles

LA Mayor No Recommendation

LA City Attorney Hydee Feldstein-Soto

LA City Controller Paul Koretz

LA City Council 5 No Recommendation

LA City Council 11 No Recommendation

LA City Council 13 Mitch O’Farrell

LA City Council 15 Tim McOsker

Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Trustees

District 2 Maria Brenes

District 6 Kelly Gonez

Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees

District 2 Steven Veres

District 4 Sara Hernandez

District 6 Gabriel Buelna

District 7 Kelsey Iino

Los Angeles Community College District


United to House LA Citizens Initiative SUPPORT

Measure PCC Pasadena City College—SUPPORT

Measure PRM-Palmdale School District—SUPPORT

Measure AAA Compton Unified School District—SUPPORT

Measure CC Cerritos Community College Board–SUPPORT

Long Beach City Mayor

Rex Richardson

Long Beach City Council

District 3 No Recommendation

District 5 Megan Kerr

District 9 Jonie Ricks-Oddie  

Long Beach Unified School District

District 1 Nubia Flores

Long Beach Unified School District

Measure “Q”-SUPPORT

Long Beach Community College District

 Area 1Uduak Joe-Ntuk

 Area 3Sunny Zia

Superior Court Judge

Seat 60  Abby Baron                                        

Seat 90 Melissa Lyons

Seat 151 Patrick Hare    

Alhambra City Council – Adele Andrade Stadler

Antelope Valley Joint Union High School Area 1 – Charles Hughes

Antelope Valley Joint Union High School Area 4 – Carla Corona

Antelope Valley Joint Union High School Area 5 – Miguel Sanchez

Antelope Valley Health Care District- Steve Hofbauer

Artesia City Council – Rene Trevino

Artesia City Council – Melissa Ramoso

Artesia City Council – Ali Taj

Baldwin Park City Council – Paul Hernandez

Baldwin Park City Council – Ralph Galvan

Baldwin Park Mayor – Emmanuel Estrada

Baldwin Park Unified – Deanna Robles

Bellflower City Council District 5 – Juan Garza

Bellflower Unified School District – Brad Crihfield

Bellflower Unified School District – Amie Stewart

Burbank City Council – Nikki Perez

Burbank City Council – Zizette Mullins

Burbank City Council – Carmenita Helligar

Burbank Unified School Board – Brian J. Smith

Central Basin Municipal Water District – Arturo Chacon

Compton Community College District Area 1 – Andres Ramos

Compton Community College District Area 4 – Juanita Doplemore

Compton Community College District Area 5 – Dr. Sharoni Little

Cudahy City Council – Elizabeth Alcantar

Cudahy City Council – Martin Fuentes

Cudahy City Council – Dr. Cynthia Gonzalez

Culver City Council – Alex Fisch

Culver City Council – Freddy Puza

Culver City Unified School District – Brian Guerrero

Culver City Unified School District – Summer McBride

Culver City Unified School District – Darrel Menthe

Downey City Council District 2 – Art Montoya

El Camino Community College

Area 2- Nilo Vega Michelin

Area- 5 Cliff Numark

El Monte Mayor – Jessica Ancona

Inglewood Mayor – James Butts

Inglewood City Council 2 Alex Padilla

Keppel Union School District – Andrew Ramirez

                                                      Alma Rodriguez

                                                      Ana Quiles

Lawndale City Council – Pat Kearney

Lawndale Mayor – Robert Pullen Miles

Maywood City Clerk – Andrea Aguilar

Maywood City Council – Eddie De La Riva

Maywood City Council – Heber Márquez

Maywood City Council – Mayra Aguiluz

Montebello City Council District 2 – Scarlet Peralta

Montebello City Council District 3 – Salvador Melendez

Montebello City Council District 4 – David Torres

Montebello City Council District 5 – Angie Jimenez

Montebello Unified School District – Carlos Cerdan

Montebello Unified School District – Jennifer Gutierrez

Montebello Unified School District – Marisol Madrigal Uribe

Mountain View School District – Cindy Wu

Mountain View School District – Adam Carranza

Mountain View School District – Veronica Sifuentes

Norwalk City Council – Dora Sandoval

Palmdale City Council District 3 – David Gomez

Palmdale City Council District 4 – Eric Ohlsen

Palmdale City Council District 5 – Andrea Alarcon

Palmdale Elementary School District – Ralph Velador

Palmdale Elementary School District – Nancy Smith

Palmdale Water District

Division 1 W. Scott Kellerman

Division 3 Don F. Wilson

Division 5 Vincent Dino

Pasadena Unified School District 1 – William “Billy” Malone

Pasadena Unified School District 3 – Michelle Richardson Bailey

Pasadena Unified School District 5 – Patrice Marshall McKenzie

Pasadena Unified School District 7 – Yarma Velasquez

Pico Rivera City Council – Gustavo Camacho

Pico Rivera City Council – John Garcia

Rancho Palos Verdes City Council – Paul Seo

Rio Hondo College Board Area 1 – Anais Medina Diaz

                                              Area 5 – Vanessa Tyson

San Fernando City Council – Mary Mendoza

San Fernando City Council – Joel Fajardo

San Fernando City Council – Sylvia Ballin

Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Division 1 – William Cooper

Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Division 2 – Dirk Marks

Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Division 3 – Maria Gutzeit

Santa Monica City Council – Lana Negrete

Santa Monica City Council – Caroline Torosis

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees – Barry Snell

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees – Sion Roy

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees – Nancy Greenstein

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees – Thomas Peters

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified – Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified – Alicia Mignano

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified – Laurie Lieberman

Saugus Union School District Area 5 – Chris Trunkey

Signal Hill City Council – Keir Jones

Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District Division 1 – Serge Haddad

Water Replenishment District Division 1 – Joy Langford

Water Replenishment District Division 3 – John Allen

Water Replenishment District Division 4 – Jose Gonzalez

West Basin Water Division 1- Harold Williams

West Basin Water Division 4 – Scott Houston

West Hollywood City Council – Zekiah Wright

West Hollywood City Council – Robert Oliver

West Hollywood City Council – Chelsea Byers

William S. Hart Union High School District Area 2 – Andrew Taban

California Ballot Measures

Proposition 1: Provides a state constitutional right to reproductive freedom, including the right to an abortion. No Recommendation

Proposition 26: Legalizes sports betting at American Indian gaming casinos and licensed racetracks. No Recommendation

Proposition 27: Legalizes mobile sports betting and dedicates revenue to the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support. No Recommendation

Proposition 28: Provides additional funding for K-12 art and music education. No Recommendation

Proposition 29: Enacts staffing requirements, reporting requirements, ownership disclosure, and closing requirements for dialysis clinics. No Recommendation

Proposition 30: Increases tax on income above $2 million for zero-emission vehicle projects and wildfire prevention programs. Recommend: Vote Yes

Proposition 31: Upholds the ban on flavored tobacco sales. No Recommendation