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Ronald J. Sikorski was elected Business Manager on a white ballot in June 2015 and appointed International Vice President. He is honored to serve the membership of Local Union No. 12.

In 1975, he graduated from the Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program as an equipment operator. He served as a Job Steward on several jobs in the construction industry.

Ronald was hired as a  Business Representative in 1980 and promoted to District Representative in 1996. He served as Vice President of the Riverside/San Bernardino Central Labor Council since 1980.

In 2008, he was appointed Vice President of Local Union No. 12.

He is currently Vice President of the State Building & Construction Trades Council and Vice President of the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO.



Larry Davison was elected Recording-Corresponding Secretary on a white ballot in June 2015 as a proud third generation operating engineer. He currently has three children as members of Local 12.

He was initiated by Local Union No. 12 in October 1978 and worked as an operator on several dirt jobs. Although he did not graduate from our Apprenticeship Program, he served his apprenticeship under his father and operating engineer, Jesse Davison.

He was elected a District 2 Election Committeeman in 1994, appointed as District 2 Advisory Board Member in 1995, appointed District 2 Executive Board Member in 1997.

He was hired as a District 2 Business Representative in 2000 & appointed District Representative in 2008.  He was appointed to the office of Treasurer in 2012 and appointed to the office of Recording-Corresponding Secretary in 2013. He was appointed to the office of President in 2020.



David Garbarino was elected Vice President on a white ballot in June 2015 and proudly holds that title today.

In March 1987, he joined the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 12 and went to work for Reynolds Electric at the Nevada Test Site as a heavy-duty repairman. He was appointed as a Job Steward in 1988 and appointed to the District 6 Advisory Board where he served for seven years.

He was hired by Local Union No. 12 in 1997 as a Business Representative for Nevada and appointed District Representative in 2008.

He was appointed by the Governor to both the Clean Water Coalition Community Advisory Board and the Nevada State Employment Security Council. He served as President of the Southern Nevada Central Labor Council, Vice President on the Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Board, Vice President of the Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades Council and Chairman of the Southern Nevada Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship Training Trust until his appointment to Local Union No. 12 Treasurer in February 2013.

Shawn Kinsey


Shawn Kinsey became a member of Local Union No. 12 in 1993. He graduated from the Local 12 Apprenticeship Program and became an Instructor for the apprenticeship.

Shawn was hired by Local 12 as a Business Representative in Las Vegas in June of 2000. He held that position until 2013 when he was appointed District Representative. He also served as President of the Southern Nevada Central Labor Council & served on the Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Board.

On January 2, 2019, Shawn was appointed to the position of Financial Secretary where he proudly serves the Local Union No. 12 membership. 

He was appointed to the office of Recording – Corresponding Secretary in 2020.



David Sikorski became an Operating Engineer Apprentice in 1995 and graduated the program in 1999.  He worked in the grading industry throughout Southern California, helping to construct such projects as Diamond Valley Lake and the Ivanpah Solar Generating Facility.

In 2013, David was hired as a representative of the Operating Engineers Contract Compliance Trust and subsequently hired by Local 12 in 2015 as a Business Representative in District 5, becoming District Representative thereafter.  He has served as delegate to the Riverside/San Bernardino Building Trades Council, the California Assembly Speaker’s Commission on Labor Education and the Imperial County Building Trades Council.  In 2018, David became a graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program. 

Appointed to the office of Financial Secretary in 2020, David is honored to serve the membership of Local 12.



Perry Hawkins became a member of Local Union No. 12 in 2001. He is a graduate of the Operating Engineers Apprentice Program and has worked predominantly in the concrete pumping industry.

Perry was hired as a District 1 Business Representative in 2007 and was appointed to District Representative of District 2 in 2015. He graduated from the Harvard Trade Union Program in 2017. He was assigned to District 1 in 2019 as District Representative. He has served as a delegate to the Tri Counties Building Trades Council as well as the Los Angeles/ Orange Counties Building Trades Council.

Perry was appointed to the Office of Treasurer in 2021 and proudly serves the membership of Local Union No. 12.