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Brothers and Sisters, it is important to keep your beneficiary forms up-to-date in the event something happens to you.

There are certain requirements in the Local 12 By-Laws under Article XXI, Burial Expense Fund which specify the conditions in which benefits are paid by Local 12 to the beneficiary.

Section 6 of Article XXI reads every member shall be required to designate a beneficiary upon the form supplied by the Local Union and from time to time thereafter may change the name of the beneficiary in like manner.

It shall be the duty of the beneficiary to pay the funeral expenses or reimburse the person who has paid it to the extent of the benefit allowed herein and the Local Union shall have the option of paying or reimbursing such amounts directly and reducing the amount so paid from the amount otherwise payable to the beneficiary.

If a member does not have a beneficiary form, then Local 12 refers to Section 7 of the By-Laws which spells out in order exactly how benefits are paid.

If you would like to update your beneficiary form, please download the form and mail it to the following address:

I.U.O.E. Local Union No. 12

150 Corson Street

Pasadena, CA 91103

Also, Local 12 Trust Fund has a death benefit policy. All questions regarding benefits (death, pension and medical) please call the toll­ free number at (866) 400-5200 – (www.oefi.org)